Paper toilet seat cover
Paper toilet seat cover 1

Paper toilet seat cover is our brand new product that we expand our product portfolio, and we are proud to point out that we are the only Serbian producer who has attained the quality and appearance of products made abroad.

Paper used for obtaining the product is fully water degradable, which is one of the basic requirements for easy and simple using without fear of problems arising from the use of previously known variants of this product. This means that this paper as its design provided freely goes into drains and still breaks down, taking care of environmental protection.

The ergonomic shape of a single cover and its dimensions are adjusted to any toilet, and the structure of paper which is on one side completely smooth provide easy use and use in the dispensers.

We are also customize packaging to customers and their needs. One clip has 125 covers that are folded in half and attached to cardboard bearing part, which allows installation in a particular dispenser. The basic package has 3 clips that are packed in special cardboard box and fully protected from damage and contamination during storage and transport. Transport package contains 4 boxes with 3 clips.

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